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6 DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

By Ashley Chapmen

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Jan 17th, 2018

Tired of searching Google to find the perfect DIY Halloween costumes? You are in luck! I know searching for that perfect costume takes endless hours, frustration and ultimately settling for a costume you only somewhat like. That is why I have taken the time to do all the research for you. I have compressed the list of DIY Halloween costumes for adults into the best and most unique styles that you can find online. The DIY costumes will take you no time at all to put together and be ready for the big night just in case you decide to go out last minute you will look amazing no matter which costume you choose from this list.

1.Rosie the Riveter

DIY Halloween Costumes AdultsIf you are looking to make a statement on Halloween this costume will do it. Rosie is not only an American cultural icon, but a symbol for feminists. This would be a great costume for showing off your flower power.

What you’ll need to pull off this costume:

  • Long sleeve blue denim shirt
  • Pair of jeans
  • Red hair tie or bandana
  • Tweezed bangs to help add volume and lift to them.
  • 1940 style makeup


The long sleeve blue denim shirt should be rolled up past the elbows and tied at the stomach. To achieve the hairstyle it was a slightly curled in the back with tons of hairspray after you tweeze it out a bit. The bangs are achieved in the same way except, you curl them down towards the face and tweeze only the bottom to lift up. Using the hair tie or bandana pull back the bangs loosely. For the makeup style of the 1940s, think porcelain doll with red lips and arched brows.

2.Big Kid

DIY Halloween Costumes AdultsI believe we are all in some way a big kid at heart having dreams about our future and watching cartoons all day in pajamas. Halloween is a great time to allow the big kid to come out and play for the night.

What you will need:

  • Adult onesie or one-piece pajamas. If those will not work then your favorite cartoon character pajamas will do great.
  • Your secret favorite teddy bear
  • Ladies can do a pig tail hair style.

This costume is pretty simple, just wear an awesome pair of pajamas, carry around your favorite teddy and finish it off with pigtails.

3.Mime Costume

DIY Halloween Costumes AdultsTired of not being able to express what you are feeling or trying to say? Be a mime for a night and let your actions express what you are thinking and feeling. A great way to give your voice a break and find other ways to express yourself.

What You Will Need:

  • Face paint, cheap white face paint will do
  • Black clothes
  • White and black striped shirt
  • Red tie or scarf
  • Black hat
  • Sneakers
  • White gloves

You will want to paint your face white and highlight your eyes with some black face paint, but it is not a must for the black. Add the clothes and a black hat. Do not forget the red tie or scarf to help bring the costume to a new level. Finish off the look with some sneakers and white gloves.

4.Classic Vampire

DIY Halloween Costumes AdultsWho doesn’t love the classic vampire costumes? Vampires are mysterious, creepy, a little scary, and sexy. They are vastly misunderstood due to their blood lust and inability to age. People want to look great and youthful forever, why not be the sexy vampire with a little mystery? Halloween is the best time to play out your vampire fantasies and not look completely insane.

What You Will Need:

  • Halloween makeup with white, black, and red.
  • Black outfit for guys
  • Ladies do a black and red outfit or dress/skirt.
  • Vampire Teeth

Now you need to decide if you will be going as the creepy blood sucking scary vampire or the sexy alluring vampire. That decision will change how you want to do your Halloween makeup. If scary black eyes with red running down your mouth and chin should get the job done. But, sexy and alluring vampires need a sex appeal by using fantasy style makeup to bring out your eyes and lips. Add a few blood drops on your chin and clothes and you have the look. To finish off the look you can add vampire teeth.

5.Gypsy Psychic

DIY Halloween Costumes AdultsGypsy’s are adventure seekers, traveling this earth exploring different cultures and far off regions. Many gypsy’s have a wild heart intrigued with spirituality. Combining the gypsy with a psychic is not only clever, it has never been heard of before now. If you are a little wild at heart, love adventures, and seeing the future this Halloween costume would be the perfect fit for you.

What you need:

  • Brown headband
  • Plastic coins or gems
  • Colorful bandana
  • Necklace or jewelry in chain form
  • Makeup
  • Fortune ball
  • Baggy ‘hippie’ clothes

Attach the coins/gems to the headband to finish it off. Tie the bandana around the head loosely and add the headband. For the makeup think mystery, glitter, and dark. Add the clothes and you have a Gypsy Psychic.

6.Super Woman/Man

DIY Halloween Costumes AdultsEvery loves Clark Kent from Smallville and the hero complex he brought to t.v. stations around the world. An alien from another planet whose parents sent him to earth to save an entire race of people. By day a news reporter and by night Superman saving people from the shadows. Just stay away from the red meteorites we don’t want you to go too Smallville on us.  

What you will need:

  • Business outfit for the nerdy news reporter
  • Superman symbol tee shirt underneath.
  • Black nerdy glasses

Superman symbol tee-shirt should be worn beneath the business/news reporter outfit, just leave the chest open to show you are superman/superwoman. Black glasses to finish off the outfit and you are ready to save the world tonight.

These DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults were provided by Pinterest and the many ideas available on there. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Do you know what you will be dressing up as for Halloween yet?

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