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Best 14 Safety Tips for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

By Ashley Chapmen

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Jan 31st, 2018

Even with all the craze in the world, there is no reason why you cannot still be safe on Halloween. No matter where you live or what situations are going on in the world you should be able to feel safe going out with your children. That is why I have put together some of the most life-saving tips to help you feel at ease heading out this Halloween.

Best 14 Safety Tips for Halloween Trick-or-Treating

1.Color code your children with glow stick necklaces plus they will love wearing them and you will be able to see them easier.

2.Use a permanent marker to write their name, parents name, and contact number on their wrist. Seal it with clear fingernail polish. When you get home, you can use finger nail polish remover to remove it all. Just in case you get separate or they get turn around. It can easily happen and this way you know someone can get in touch with you quickly.

3.If your child has any medical or food allergies put a folded list in their socks or shoes. In case you separate and something happens emergency personal typically look for any signs of allergy lists before administering anything.

4.Flashing lights attached to shoesor belt buckles to alert oncoming traffic of small children.

5.Although this is typically taught, make sure your children know that no matter what someone offers them, a puppy, toy, friend, to never get into a vehicle with anyone. Teach them that screaming is OK in these situations if they get scared. I’ve learned through the years; some kids feel they can’t scream because they are taught to use indoor voices. We must teach our children to scream when they are scared.

6.Moms can carry safety proof/locked pepper spray for us in dire situations.

7.Take a picture of each child before you leave your home. Be sure the picture is well lit and clear. We hate to think of anything bad happening to anyone, that is why it is important to prepare for anything.

8.Always keep an eye out on cars and vans in the area that keeps driving around. Take a picture of their license plate or write it down.

9.Pack snacks that are mom approve and safe to eat as you go around.

10.Have all candy x-rayed for free at any Emergency Room and I believe now Police stations and Fire Houses will also check out any candy. Check your local area to see who does the safety check on trick-or-treats.

11.Know where you are going. Try to stick to streets where you know people or your children know someone. That way if you get into a situation everyone will know where to go.

12.Pick a ‘safe house’. This is a house on the street that you get separate your children know to return to that house and wait for you.

13.Safe words are a good way to indicate a dangerous threat as well. The color “Red” is a great one for immediate threat or scream now.

14.Never trick-or-treat around parks, wooded areas, or forests.

I know Moms, we think the worst and plan for the best. Try following some or all of these suggestions to help you be more at ease with your trick-or-treating choices. You are strong and can handle the night with mom power. After all, you deserve a little fun too. Why not bring a friend or two along and enjoy the evening while the kids go door to door with you?

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