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You’ve Been Infected, Zombie Apocalypse Party Planning Ideas

By Ashley Chapmen

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Jan 3rd, 2018

With movies like Warm Bodies, The Legend, and Resident Evil, it seems only fitting to have a “You’ve Been Infected” Zombie Apocalypse themed Halloween Party. But, what exactly do you need to pull off the walking dead, eating brains, zombie feel? If we look at Warm Bodies there are corpses running around grunting, eating brains, and then there were the creepy skeleton looking things that were too far gone. A party of this magnitude requires planning in advance and knowing exactly how creepy you want your party guests to be. I have come up with a list of several must haves for your, You’ve Been Infected, Zombie Party. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to throw a killer walking dead party this Halloween.

“You’ve Been infected”, Zombie Apocalypse Party Planning Ideas:


The bar will set with the choice of invitations you choose to send to the attendees. Will they feel the horror and fun or see a night they will never forget?

The invitation idea fits perfectly with the theme idea. After all, your guests will want to be “infected” and “cured” all in the same night.


Choosing the right location can pose a challenge. If you are planning to invite more than a dozen or two friends, will your house be big enough for the party?

Things to take into consideration when choosing the right location:

  • How many guests will be attending?
  • Is there enough room in your home for decorations and people?
  • Maximum Occupancy.
  • Catering Available
  • Decoration guidelines
  • Public or Private
  • Always make sure you are not trespassing or breaking the law

3.Decoration Ideas

Door Decorations set the tone for the rest of the party. Might as well inform people entering at their own risk will more than likely infect.

Zombie Brain Punch Party Favorite

First you will need a gelatin brain mold, punch bowl, and the mixture that will make this. To create that delicious yet, disgusting look you will need: mountain dew, a splash of sweet and sour, a little blue curacao for the ‘radioactive’ look.  

Zombie Life Saver Jell-O Syringes

Zombie syringe life saver shots using Jell-O. Cute idea with an additional twist for adults. All you need is Jell-O and syringes. Easy to make and a crowd pleaser.

Zombie Bathroom Decorations

Don’t forget about the bathroom. Cheap white fabric or shower curtain and fake blood. Splatter all over the curtain, toilet seat, and floor mat. You have yourself a blood-stained Zombie approved bathroom.

Photo Booths making a huge come back

With cheap sheets or white fabric and fake blood you can stain the material and hang it up for a zombie photo booth. Your party goers will love this idea and thank you for all the memories.

Indoor Morgue Wall Decoration Idea

This is a brilliant idea for adding to the creep factor of the night. Your friends will step into a morgue zombie home that will leave screams and a ton of laughter.

Zombie Crime Scene Tape

Zombie Party Ideas

The night would not be complete without the Zombie Outbreak crime scene tape to mark the house. This is a great idea to mark the area and add some decorations around the party area.

Zombie Door Cover Decoration

Zombie Party Ideas

This one is to die for on the creep factors. Great way to block off doors and add some scare to your guests.

All of these ideas inspire by Pinterest. What would you suggest for a Zombie party?

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