Halloween 1994 compared today

Halloween Throw Back: What Halloween was like in 1994 compared to Now

By Ashley Chapmen

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Feb 14th, 2018

As I write about Halloween, the many costumes now, I am reminded of how Halloween used to be when I was growing up. It feels like that was so long ago it has become a distant memory of someone else. Halloween has changed a lot since I was a young kid. Honestly, when I think it about it enough I wonder what happened to the old, fun, safe, scary Halloween holiday. Do you remember when it was safe for the kids to go out on their own around the street to get their pumpkins full without you having to worry about them because everyone watched out for everyone?

I recall, vividly, my second grade Halloween. I probably remember this best because I loved my second-grade teacher, Ms. Sandlin. We had planned a class Halloween party then, after the family was to get together for a trick-or-treating bash with all the smaller kids (including myself). There were mermaids, witches, ghosts, pirates, a prince, princess, and fire fighters. Parents came in with Halloween themed cookies, brownies, and treat bags for the entire class. We had a ball, literally. But, then, at that age who doesn’t love having fun with friends?

Afterwards, we all went home and prepared for the evening. I, being the witch, had to make an appearance at the great-grandparents home and wait until the time was right to head out. We lived in the country, for us to trick-or-treat we had to drive to the nearest town and hit all the major streets. Dressed as the pretties black and purple witch, the cousins along for the ride, trick-or-treating started at the Mall. Do you remember when stores would dress up employees and the kids could do their trick-or-treating in the mall? It was safe, secure, and even a bit more fun. You didn’t have to walk up and down streets wondering if someone creepy would jump out of the bushes.

Although, the best part of the night was when we chose to hit the streets afterwards and a “Scream” trick-or-treater  jumped out of the bushes with a fake knife. Now, that was hilarious! I stood there freaked out thinking “dude! You picked the wrong people, my momma is going to toss you on the ground”. Only to learn the person behind the mask was a cousin as well. I think we all talked about that for years. But, my aunt was less than pleased, it seems she hates to be scared like that.

Fast forward to today and people are trying to find the scariest ways imaginable to scare even strangers on Halloween. It is no longer about the fun it is all about the candy and who screams the loudest. Parents cannot take their eyes off of their children for fear of what might happen. You even have to take your basket full of goodies to the local Emergency room to x-ray just to know it is safe to eat. There is more fear in the Holiday than there ever were before. Children and even tweens cannot go out on their own anymore. There are too many creepy people waiting to snatch them up. It is no longer safe even for women to go out on their own without a group of people with them.

Although, I will admit the one thing that really has changed is do it yourself projects around the holiday. More and more people are making their own crafts, having Halloween craft parties, creating their own costumes and coming up with some amazing tips on Halloween makeup. Halloween makeup is a whole other topic for another day because in today’s world Halloween makeup can make a vampire bite look too real.



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